Programme 1

Beethoven’s Ghost

„Music, Love and Wine“

Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the most famous composers in the world, a composer of superlatives. His 250th birthday in 2020  will be celebrated worldwide with many symphony concerts.

TriOsarte’s  Beethoven concert in collaboration with soprano Natalia Atamanchuk and the actor Helmut Thiele is dedicated to Beethoven’s smaller chamber music works. In addition to more well-known  works such as the „ Ghost Trio“ and the Moonlight Sonata for Piano, there is a selection of folk song arrangements for voice with piano trio accompaniment that can be described as rediscovered jewels. These are small, very personal works that remained undiscovered for many years. The story of how this folk song collection evolved is as exciting as the music itself.

The audience  can discover Beethoven the man and understand the effects of his personal experiences on his work. This chamber music evening is an enrichment for the jubilee year, in addition to the great symphonies.

Programme 2

Forbidden Love or Just Friends?
“You are so infinitely dear to me

The special relationship between Clara Schumann and the younger
Johannes Brahms remains until today a source of speculation.
In this concert, along with their powerful music, excerpts from
diaries and letters transport the audience back to the 19th century
and tell the story of the extraordinary love and
friendship between these two exceptional musicians.
Music and text in alternation.
Clara Schumann Piano Trio in G minor
Brahms Piano trio Nr 1 in B Minor.
Duration approx. 120 min. with a break.

Programme 3

“The Woman on the 100 DM Bank Note”
A homage to the extraordinary Clara Schumann with the highs
and lows of her incredible life. From child prodigy
to internationally celebrated pianist.
An evening of music by Clara Schumann and with speaker
Dörte Steindorff and soprano Sigrid Heidemann as supporting artists.
Music and text in alternation.

Programme 4

German Piano Trio Music
A journey through the history of the genre Piano Trio,
from its beginnings in baroque to classical and romantic until today.
Music by J. Haydn, L. v. Beethoven, Clara Schumann, J. Brahms, Peter Witte.

Programme 5

Living Composers
Music of our Time for Piano Trio

The ensemble TriOsarte has dedicated this programme to new and unusual music for piano trio from contemporary composers such as Fazil Say and Peter Schoenfield.
The special feature of the programme is „Tres Danzas“ by Osnabrück composer Peter Witte, which was composed exclusively for TriOsarte.
In style the pieces are influenced by Latin American music and jazz.

Programme 6

Music for a summer evening

„I love to see the summer beaming forth
And white wool sack clouds sailing to the north“
 John Clare

Summer is a time of romance, excitement and joie de vivre. The days are long, nature is at its peak – everything thrives and grows. The scent of flowers fills the air and somehow summer is never long enough to fully experience its beauty. In order to enjoy this season even more, TriOsarte presents a programme of selected music  together with poetry and prose in praise of the summer.

Music by A. Piazzolla, J.Haydn, Peter Witte and others…

Programme 7

Soireé Romantique
A programme of stirring music from the German, Russian and French Romantic-era.
J. Brahms
S. Rachmaninov
E. Chausson

Programme 8

Cafetin de Buenos Aires
An evening of tango music with stories and anecdotes from the world
of tango whisks the the audience away to the city of tango and cafes where love is all around.
From Gardel to Piazzolla.

Programme 9

Tango around the world
Tango from different countries and composers from traditional to modern.
Albinez, Ginestera, Peter Ludwig, Peter Witte and others.